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Authenticity. The name of the game for lasting success.

These were an interesting few day. Two key parts of my network – independently – discussed authenticity.

First off Chicago Booth in a fireside chat, later I met my fellow entrepreneur Kush and we touched on the topic again.

TL;DR : Authenticity is a driver for success.

Back to what I said before: people buy from people. Being yourself makes you successful. Bringing yourself demonstrates authenticity.

It follows, that telling your story the right way will make a huge difference.

So, what happened at the University of Chicago? I had the pleasure of dialling into a dialogue between University of Chicago’s Guy Rolnik and Vu Tran. Both professors agreed whether you like or dislike characters such as Trump or Elon Musk, they have many followers as they least they remain authentic – even when they do uncomprehensive things in public. (I refrain from mentioning anything particular as I am sure you know the episodes that make you either nod or shake your head).

Less polarising examples and more down to brand – since we are focussing on businesses! - are Apple, Revolut and Ferrari; they are authentic companies: you know what to expect when you engage with them, you know you can rely on their products, you know you will pay a premium, you know you can trust the brand promise. We as consumers and employees are very aware of this and therefore we do not mind to ‘place a premium on companies and brands that are authentic and engaged’ (for the keen reader, check the article by Jean-Pierre Dube).

What is in it for you? Focus on your superpower!

Use this knowledge to build your business and brand. Particularly in your business partnerships – don’t hold back to focus on what you are good at and what your superpower is! Authenticity creates trust, loyalty, and repeat business.

At we see that consulting firms and ISVs are more successful when they are brave and embrace their authenticity and specialism.

Go deep in one area of focus and use it as spearhead to develop future business. A broad brush of skills and scope won’t make you stand out - not with technology vendors and not with customers.

Your call to action:

Be authentic. Be brave. Be confident. Be different. Be specialised. Be clear on your offering. Create authenticity within your business partnerships. And drive that long term success home.

Talk to us today!

We at will work with you to find your authenticity, create strong differentiators when working with your technology partners and enable repeatable business.

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