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ISV HR Platform Client


Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast. Helping a start-up ISV tackle burnout.

Our client built a platform aggregating data from multiple productivity and HR tools to predict employer engagement with the objective to preempt burnout. In a world where culture eats strategy for breakfast, looking after your workforce is key! 

Foxlove worked for 8 weeks with our ISV, creating a partner engagement and marketing plan that was used to accelerate GTM and MVP build and resulted in 2 pilot projects.

Cloudreach and AWS


Cloudreach - AWS

Cloudreach is the number one cloud native company.
The companies partnership with AWS was unparalleled as it was the first cloud partnership in the UK (back in the day!), however, Cloudreach was briefly nudged of the #1 place.
Working with sales and marketing, within 10 months, Cloudreach was re-established as number #1 AWS Consulting Partner 2019 in the UK, driving both new revenue streams into the business and reoccurring cloud spend to AWS.

Cloudreach and Azure


Cloudreach - Azure

Cloudreach is the number one cloud native company.
Following the success with other hyperscalers, Cloudreach and Microsoft Azure entered into a partnership to provide Azure Managed Services to customers. A virtual team working across business units and functions built an actionable and sustainable plan that led Azure and Cloudreach to success and made Cloudreach Microsoft Partner of the Year 2020 within 10 months.

Hitachi and Oracle


Hitachi Consulting - Oracle

Working in Hitachi Consulting, the Oracle relationship was streamlined to develop from opportunistic to strategic. 
Within 10 months, Hitachi Consulting emerged as a leading UK partner and repeated success over the following years: 9+ Partner of the Year Awards, incrementally growing ARR and services revenue, and becoming a recognised brand for Supply Chain and Industry 4.0 workloads with Oracle.

Hitachi and Vodafone


Hitachi Consulting - Vodafone

Working as part of One Hitachi to launch the Hitachi Rail Business in the UK, Vodafone became the connectivity and solutions partners for Hitachi Rail. As part of Hitachi Consulting, implementing the new solution offering and further promotion of IoT services a strong partnership as built.

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