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Foxloving and the art of meaningful relationships

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

My personal contacts are incredibly amazing.

Now, why should you think about meaningful relationships?

Starting Foxlove Strategy, I realise how important my network is and how valuable my hours of building meaningful and well-meaning (!) relationships are.

My personal contacts are incredibly amazing.

Over the recent months I reached out to my network. I am talking regularly with company founders (and those who exited), ICs and managers, with vice presidents, managing directors and CEOs, across all levels of seniority and functions. It is incredible how people’s roles changed over the years and how nice and welcoming everyone remained. Our past conversations and memories made it straight forward for me to reach out again.

Why? People want to be with people.

It was beautiful to experience how a simple conversation, a reconnection based on old times and good memories, leads to a wealth of insight, new laughter and reconnection; and of course, new clients for Foxlove. I was also able to give back and connected my network to others and shared information that helps them – both personally and professionally. I am having a ball making things happen for others! It must be the same vice versa.

Let me also say, I genuinely like people! I care about everyone I meet, and I enjoy personal interaction. Hence building relationships comes more easily to me than to others.

Now, why should you think about meaningful relationships?

It is much easier to ask for advice or solve an issue, when you have what most people call ‘rapport’. Let’s make it simple and call it ‘liking’. Even more on brand: ‘foxloving’.

Because: People buy from people.

Business partnerships are not about closing a deal and the hard sell. They are about working with people. Of course, there will be numbers, deliverables, timelines and possibly difficult reiterations of projects. These things will naturally fall into place as working together is a process. The people factor matters most when difficult times arise: It is a lot easier to solve problems when you know – and like! – each other. People buy and work with people!

There are different ways to building your ‘foxloving’ - pardon ‘liking’, and we will share more in future posts.

If you can’t wait (hopefully you can’t), reach out to us. Foxlove Strategy will help you build meaningful relationships and thus stronger technology alliances to win. Together!

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