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FA and client engagements?

Whilst you may say building relationships is fluffy, I say: there is a structure.

Before joining executive education, everyone spoke about applying the frameworks you learn in class to the problems you solve for work. But one size frameworks don't fit all.

In Chicago Booth we learn to ask the right questions, get the data, and make informed decisions.

Now, financial accounting (FA) may not be my forte (yet!!) but understanding the concepts actually helped me in a client presentation this week.

It is about structure.

Whilst you may say building relationships is fluffy and intangible, I say: there is a structure.

Particularity when working with the Technology Vendors.

They structure their partners into categories: Global System Integrator, Digital Native, Technology Partner, Consulting Partner (the list goes on).

Then they structure the support for these categories into channel teams to engage more or engage less, depending on relevance, with these groups.

They also structure their clients into Top 50, Global Enterprise, Mid-Market, Growth Accounts (the list goes on).

When you spend time in the channel and with the account teams, you will find that there is a structure to build successful and meaningful partnerships.

Clearly, one size doesn’t fit all.

Talk to us at Foxlove.

We ask you the right questions, get your data points and make informed action plans to find your strategy to engage with the big technology brands: We understand their structure.

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